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Kia McMillin

Kia is an enthusiastic and joyful stylist who enjoys making her clients happy. She first started doing hair in her high school years with the Ventura High School theater program. She soon learned after that it was a passion of hers along side of singing. Kia performed in multiple shows there and also in choir, understanding she had the gift of creativity she had options. When a fork in the road presented itself: Opera, a wonderfully creative but unpredictable career, or Cosmetology, a more personal and fun career choice with an easier transition into the work scene, she chose to go to Cosmetology school.

After graduating from LuRoss Academy in Ventura she found the place she would soon call her second home, ArchiTexture. Kia assisted the salon owner Erika Harding where she had the amazing opportunity to broaden her outlook on hair possibilities. Her continued education under Harding, a multi award winning stylist, made her love hair coloring. Kia has such a passion for everything to do with hair but especially color and bridal styling. Her summers buzz with love filled couples while she is doing wedding parties and bridal styling. She loves to see everyone feel their absolute best on their special day.

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